La Petite MAGAZINE (Print)

A magazine that helps parents and kids discover amazing fashion style, decor, DIY ideas and more.

Working closely as Art Director and Designer with Editor-in-Chief, Rachelle Francey, as we re-designed and launched first print issue in Winter 2014. This highly sought after first issue, was sold in shops all around the world and online at Barnes & Noble. Since 2014, we have designed all 9 print issues also bringing on a graphic designer (Anali Wong) to work under art direction for issues 7, 8 & 9.

“I’ve worked with Alyssa for over 7 years, and she continues to amaze me with her eye for design. She is always creating innovative and inspiring editorials! She is such a talent and I’m fortunate to work alongside her.” – Rachelle Francey, Editor-in-Chief

A selection of spreads from the past 9 issues of La Petite (Print).

Editorial DesignAlyssa Yuhas